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Store Front Glass

Astra Glass has a wide array of full range of services designed to help your business obtain the visibility you need for your products and/or services. We have in mind how your current and future customers will view your business image. Astra works together with business owners to attain your goals at the time of showcasing your products and/or services at your location(s). 
We provide tempered glass, energy efficient low-e and insulated glass products for office buildings. And many more 

Architectural Glass

We provide quality products & craftsmanship, we want you to give you the best service and the highest quality specialty products that will transform your spaces. 

Commercial Doors

Astra provides frame less glass doors. These types of doors give your space a modern touch, you could use them in bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, closet doors or use them as partitions. 

Interior Office Partitions

We have a wide selection of glass. Tell us your needs and we will make it happen. We can provide many kinds of different interior office partitions depending of what it is needed. We have specialty designers that will give you a call to discuss your project needs. We will select the best possible solution and match your budget at perfection. 


We use mirrors to provide your office, home or any retail space a flare of unique personality. We have all kinds of mirrors from antique mirrors to the most modern designs. Give us a call to discuss more about mirrors. 

Commercial Glass

What is the first thing that your customers will see from your business location? The first thing will be how is your layout of your office, how do you present yourself, that is why this is a good reason to look for the best commercial glass installation company. The glass entrance is paramount for having an impressive, positive impression of your business. we provide professional guidance for your business in how to match the different commercial glass products with your budget. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with one of our representatives. 

Glass Works

Attention to detail

We provide a team of Designers, Project Managers, and Installers to handle all different projects you may need. 

We stay on budget, we plan ahead of time, we inform you of the deliverables, we are transparent on each step of your project. We strive for total customer satisfaction. 

What We Do

Perfect Design

Our dedicated team of Designers and Installation professionals will achieve the exact outcome you are looking for.

Carefully Planned

You will be part of the whole design process, from beginning to end. We allways encourage communication to achieve your goals in no-time.

Smartly Execute

We will install your glass panels causing the minimum disruption to your business operations. 


Glass walls and partitions will provide sound privacy for your meetings. Accoustic comfort is guaranteed with our products. 

Sense of Freedom

The design and usage of glass gives the enviroment a sense of freedom. This will create an ideal workspace giving a feeling of big spaces. 

Modern Design

Glass walls and partitions provide a moder design for your office. The use of glass is modern, stylish and ergonomic. 

Flexible Designs

We can do all kinds of designs with all kinds of different types of glass walls. Lets have a meeting and discuss what you want to achieve.

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